309 Israeli violations against Gaza's fishermen during 2020

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights documented 309 Israeli violations against the fishing sector in the Gaza Strip during 2020.

The center stated, in a statement reached Safa on Monday that the Israeli forces are actively seeking to destroy the fishing sector in Gaza.

The maritime sector, in Gaza, is considered one of the sources of the Palestinian economy, especially the fishing sector, as it provides job opportunities for fishermen and those working in the professions associated with it, such as boat manufacturing and maintenance, fish trade, related transport operations and others.

The fishing sector participates in supporting the gross national product and contributes to support the food delivered for the people.

Israeli forces violations are concentrated in major patterns, including restricting the fishing area allowed for fishermen, shooting at them, injuring and killing them, pursuing and arresting them and their boats at sea, seizing their boats and equipment, and destroying fishing nets, generators, and traffic lights.

These violations were negatively reflected on the workers in the fishing sector, as their number in crafts related to fishing for the year 2019 in the Gaza Strip reached 5,606 workers, including 3606 fishermen.

Moreover, previous statistics of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics indicated that the number of workers in the fishing sector in 1997 was 10,000 workers.

It was stated that violations against fishermen contributed to undermining the maritime business sector and they are such a major obstacle to play its role in the economic and food sides.

Source : Safa