Israel seeks to isolate thousands of Palestinians in Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation plans to isolate and withdraw the ID of about 140,000 Jerusalemites who live outside the apartheid wall, in an attempt to resolve the demographic conflict in occupied Jerusalem for the benefit of the settlers.

A number of Israeli reports revealed the plans to isolate entire large Palestinian communities in the north and east of Jerusalem, inhabited by 125-140,000 Jerusalemites who hold the blue Jerusalem ID.

Fakhri Abu Diab, a researcher in Jerusalem affairs, said that the demographic conflict in Jerusalem is one of the most important issues that concern Israeli politicians and the makers of Judaization schemes, as it is "a time bomb that may pose a threat to Israel."

Abu Diab added to Safa: "Therefore, Israel is working at accelerating pace to resolve this conflict, by setting up plans to get rid of Jerusalemites and reduce the Palestinian presence in the city for the benefit of the settlers."

Over the past years, the occupation's policies have not succeeded in displacing Jerusalemites, despite the demolitions and seizures of homes and lands, the denial of permits, and many others, so plans have been put in place to empty the city in other ways, according to Abu Diab.

He stated that the occupation began with practical steps to expel a huge population from the city center and isolate about 140,000 Jerusalemites who live in “Kafr Aqab, Samir Amis, Shuafat Camp, and Qalandia,” and some of the surrounding communities.

In addition, he pointed out that thousands of Jerusalemites live in East Jerusalem, such as “Abu Dis, Al-Eizariya, and Al-Sawahra.” The occupation began to gather data about them in order to expel them.

The occupation aims, through its plans, to reduce the number of Jerusalemites to only 12% during the coming years, and to increase the number of settlers to one million.

Abu Diab stressed that the occupation wants to surround the population centers with settlers and to keep a small number of Palestinians in Jerusalem, in order to create a demographic change in favor of the settlers and to make the city purely Jewish.

He explained that the occupation wants a Palestinian minority in the city so that it does not have any influence on its Judaization projects, or to confront them and prevent their implementation, thus reducing future risks.

In order to confront these plans, Abu Diab underlined the need for an urgent international deterrent, the development of national strategies and plans, and action at all levels, public, official and legal to stop those plans that aim to expel the indigenous Palestinian population from Jerusalem.

Source : Safa