Palestinian Justice invalidates Balfour Declaration

Nablus's court sentenced to invalidate Balfour Declaration issued by the British government in 1917, holding London responsible for all its results and consequences.

It stated, "Balfour Declaration is legally invalid as it violates all the rules of the international law in which Britain and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not owe Palestinians nor do they have any right to determine the fate of Palestinians."

The judge stated, "the defendent, Britain, did not perform any of the responsibilities that fall upon it according to the Mandate, which is helping the Palestinians build political and economic organizations, and help them gain dependence."

The judge mentioned that Britain occupied the Palestinians and their lands, and grant them to the Jewish gangs.

International Committee for Supporting the Palestinians' Rights and the National Gathering for Independents demanded, 4 months ago, to invalidate Dalfour Declaration and hold Britain responsible for all the crime resulted.

Prosecutors, Public figures, and Palestinian leaders attended the closing session in West Bank and Jerusalem.

Munib al-Masri, the Duke of Nablus and Head of the National Gathering for Independents, stated that this day is historic and an important step in the legal move to hold Britain responsible.

He announced his start to prepare a legal file to provide for Britain justice.

"We made a deal with one of the most important international lawyers and legal offices in the world; Luis Moreno Ocampo, who is the former first Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court," al-Masri said.

The Prosecutor Nael Al-Houh said that this decision launched a legal battle that will start by holding Britain responsible for all the crimes committed, and obligating it to recognize the Palestinians' right of establishing an independent state. 

Source : Safa