Popular Resistance Movement condemns Palestinian Authority's letter sent to Washington

Popular Resistance Movement disapproved of what came in the letter the Palestinian Authority sent to the American administration, in which it considers Palestine only the lands occupied in 1967 and does not give the Palestinians the right to resist the Israeli occupation.

"Historic Palestine is our land which we fight the Israeli occupation for its sake. We do not recognize any person or party who gave up on an inch of the holy land. There is no place for Israel on our land. We did not authorize anyone to speak on our behalf," the movement said to Safa. 

Popular Resistance Movement called on the Palestinian factions, which attended the Cairo meeting, to express their position on this serious matter.

Channel 12 (Israel) claimed yesterday that the Palestinian Authority sent a letter to the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, undertaking that all the Palestinian factions will respect the international law. 

The channel said that the letter came after the edicts the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued to conduct the legislative elections and the Palestinian presidency for the first time for more than 16 years.

Source : Safa