Forum of Palestinian journalists condemns arresting journalist Al-Rimawi

Forum of the Palestinian journalists on Wednesday condemned the Israeli forces' arrest of journalist, Alaa Al-Rimawi, from his home in Ramallah in the West Bank.

In a statement reached Safa, the forum called for exposing Israel’s crimes against journalists and the media, and doubling the efforts made in international forums and through human rights organizations concerned with protecting journalists to force them to adhere to the international and humanitarian laws and principles that guarantee freedom of journalistic work and the protection of journalists.

It was stressed that the continuing violations of Israel against the Palestinian Journalists "are too weak to undermine their determination and persistence."

The forum expressed its "pride in the journalists of the Palestinian media who continue to expose the crimes of Israel with determination, continuing to convey the suffering of their people from the most brutal occupation in modern history."

The forum stated that with the arrest of Al-Rimawi, the number of journalists imprisoned in the Israeli prisons increased to 26.

It pointed out that Israel is denying all international and humanitarian obligations and norms affirming the protection of journalists and freedom of media work, trying with all its efforts to block the Palestinian narrative and conceal the crimes and violations of Israel.

The colleague Al-Rimawi's wife said that an Israeli force stormed his house, arrested him, and took him to an unknown destination.

She confirmed that her husband informed her of his entry into a hunger strike from the moment of his arrest, calling on the human rights authorities to intervene to release him.

Al-Rimawi works as a reporter for Al-Jazeera and director of the G Media media website. He is also a researcher in political and Israeli affairs and has spent more than 10 years in Israeli prisons.

Source : Safa