Survivors telling painful stories of what happened with them during the Israeli aggression over Gaza

Survivors of the Israeli aggression on Gaza told painful details and stories of what happened with them when the Israeli warplanes rocked their homes and killed their families. 

Mohammed Al-Hadidi, who only had his 5-month-infant alive after the killing of his family said, "My wife took our children and went to her brother's home, Alaa Abo Hatab, to make them feel some joy. She dressed our 4 children the Eid clothing and bought them toys."

"While 12 civilians were in the home; the home of my wife's brother which lies in the Beach camp, the Israeli warplanes rocked the home without prior notice and killed everyone was there. Only two children survived," Al-Hadidi added. 

"My wife and my children; Suhaib, Yehia, Abdelrahman, and Osama were all killed. I only had my infant Omar alive. Alaa'a wife and his children were also killed; except his  4-year-old-daughter," he added. 

He wondered, "What crime did those children commit to being killed this way? What crime Omar, the 5 months old, to be injured and broken? What crime did all of us commit?" 

Al-Hadidi addressed the international community and the whole world to support the Palestinian victims and hold the Israeli occupation leaders accountable. 

A crime committed 

The brutality in killing Al-Hadidi and Abo Hatab families is no different from Abo Al-Ouf family as the Israeli warplanes committed terrific massacres against 4 houses belonging to Abo Al-Ouf family. 

Alaa Abo Al-Ouf is a witness to the Israeli massacre committed against Abo Al-Ouf and Al-Efranji families when sons, daughters, parents, and children were killed. 

"I have a shop next to the building where my family lives in. I had no call to evacuate the home. I was terrific by the targeting of the 4-story-building. It all fell next to me and the land shook," he said. 

He added, "when the bombing happened, I was in my shop. The goods fell on the floor. I went outside to see what happened and I was surprised by the destruction of an entire residential building. Are our souls cheaper than a call to tell us to evacuate our homes?"

14 civilians from the Abo Al-Ouf and Al-Efranji families were killed in these brutal massacres. 

Alaa Alkolak, another witness, had two daughters who were about to marry; the first one's wedding was a month from now and the second's daughter was supposed to be the next week. Fortunately, she is in a good health and lies in extensive care now. 

His wife is also in extensive care due to being injured after the bombing of her home. 

My child was shocked when she saw her sister dead next to her." He said. "While the children were supposed to be playing and celebrating the Eid, We found my daughter bidding farewell to her beloved sister. Until now, she is in a big trauma." 

Alkolak called on the international community to achieve justice for the Palestinian people. "We are innocent civilians. We were killed with brutality and cold blood just because we are Palestinians," he said. 

 Mohammed Alkolak, is another witness to the Israeli crime against his family. 

He wondered," What crime did we commit so the Israeli occupation commits such crimes against us? Where are the international laws? Where in the world defending human rights?" 

"My parents my grandparents and our grandsons were all killed. Why? Can't we live in peace just as the whole world?" he commented. 

No justification can be accepted

Al-Zaeem, one of the residents of the tower, noted that the tower was bombed without any justifications. 

He wondered, "Why such a huge tower can be bombed without any justifications?"

He noted that about 1000 employees used to come to the tower every day and they all now are without work, and many others are now homeless having no source of income. 

Al-Zaeem called on the international community to act to end the Israeli crimes committed against Palestinian women and children. 

Source : Safa