Report on what foreign media wrote about latest Israeli aggression on Gaza

Foreign Media did not let the Israeli aggression on Gaza pass without hailing Gaza's resistance, blaming the Israeli occupation, and transferring the events on its outlets. 

Even though the ceasefire has been declared for two days, Foreign outlets are still writing about the humanitarian catastrophe done by Israel during the aggression of Gaza and that the civilians were among its missile's objectives. 

Agency France-Presse wrote: "A United Palestinian Nation... Families of West Bank are in solidarity with Gaza and Jerusalem."  It stated in a report that the Palestinians have never protested in such numbers since the Second Intifada (2000-2005). 

Washington Post reviewed a lengthy report titled, "Ceasefire finds parts of Gaza a shambles and renewed tensions in Jerusalem."

Michael Miller, a reporter for the Washington Post," said in the report, "With the coming of a new dawn, traffic and street vendors returned to Gaza’s streets. Municipality workers began removing rubble and opening roads. Tens of thousands of Gazans who had weathered the fighting in schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency or at the houses of friends or relatives began returning home. Festive Eid al-Fitr meals that had been postponed due to the fighting were held.

The New York Times newspaper also stated in an article that the People of Gaza woke up on a season of destruction and rubbles, and while Israel can heal very fast, Gaza will need much time. 

It said that during the past 15 years, Gaza has confronted Israel 6 times; in each, there is much destruction. 

National Broadcasting Company Commission captioned a photo of children carrying colored balloons next to a damaged building; "Bombing stopped, but destruction and pain did not leave the city." 

It said in a report that the aggression left undamaged buildings standing next to each other so the children each beside them with colorful cloths as they could not enjoy Eid and its rituals. 

"Affected families had to write them named and phone numbers of their homes' walls seeking hope of having some help," the Commission said. 

Mondoweiss also published a report titled "Return to al-Wahda street: Palestinian in Gaza lives and dreams lost in latest Israeli offensive." 

The report said, "It was recorded as one of the single deadliest nights since the offensive began on May 10th, with entire families wiped out that night. An estimated 43 Palestinian, including 8 children, were killed, in what many are now remembering as the al-Wahda street massacre. 

Politically, the Irish Times newspaper said that Benjamin Netanyahu's weak contributed to entering extreme right-wing parties to the mainstream, while the delay of the Palestinian elections highlighted the high costs of the tensions behind Fatah and Hamas. 

The Guardian newspaper carried a pessimistic vision towards Gaza staying this way. Analysts said that Gaza will not achieve any developments in solving the main issues shortly, there are no indications for the end of the blockade imposed on Gaza for years, and Israel does not intend to end its military control over the lands of the West Bank. 

On the other hand, many other western and foreign media did not talk about the suffering of the Palestinians because of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, but only mentioned the number of Israelis killed neither did they transfer any humanitarian stories. 

Source : Safa