Forum of Palestinian Journalists call on International Federation to visit Gaza

Forum of Palestinian Journalists called on the International Federation of Journalists to form a delegation to visit Gaza to observe the size of Israeli targeting that affected the Palestinian media. 

"The visit is important as the Israeli occupation deliberately targeted media institutes during the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza," the Forum said. 

It stated that the occupation forces destroyed more than 30 local and international institutes, killed a journalist, and injured 12 while covering events during the aggression. 

It confirmed that the International Federation of Journalists must take responsibility for protecting the Palestinian journalists, hold the Israeli criminals accountable for targeting the Palestinian media, and support the Palestinian media after the huge damage that affected it. 

It also confirmed that the Israeli targeting of the Palestinian media violates all international and humanitarian laws. 

It warned of the risks of the silence on the Israeli targeting of the Palestinian media, considering it a call to continue Israeli terrorism. 

"It is the time to hold Israel accountable," it said.

Source : Safa