Hamas: Israel’s lies about Al-Jalaa Tower is failed attempt to justify crime

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation army's repeated lies about the presence of the movement's offices in Al-Jalaa Tower is a failed attempt to justify its crime by targeting a resedential tower containing press offices for international channels and agencies.

Hamas spokesman, Hazem Qassem, said in a statement reached Safa that "the destruction of the Al-Jalaa Tower is a full-fledged war crime that is added to a long series of crimes committed by the occupation army in its recent aggression on the Gaza Strip."

The occupation army targeted the aforementioned tower, destructing it during its recent aggression on Gaza, which houses the headquarters of television channels and news agencies, most notably the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera.

The destruction of the tower was widely condemned worldwide, while the occupation tried to justify this by saying that there was an apartment belonging to Hamas movement in the tower.

Source : Safa