Israel arrests 3100 Palestinians in May, including 471 children

A monthly report issued by institutions of prisoners and human rights stated that the Israeli occupation forces arrested 3100 Palestinians in May, including 42 women and 471 children, throughout organized and arbitrary campaigns of arrests in different Palestinian territories. 

The report noted that Palestine witnessed a risky escalation in the detention and repression implemented by the occupation forces against the Palestinians in all Palestinian lands, especially with the flame of events that started in occupied Jerusalem on April 13, 2021. 

It mentioned that since 2015, the operations of detention have been forming a turning point in the prisoners' cause as the number of prisoners and Israeli attacks against the prisoners, Palestinian activists and journalists documented by the international and local institutions increased. 

The highest rate of detection was last Man in the occupied Palestinian territories. 2000 Palestinians were arrested, including 291 children. 

According to the report, severe violations accompanied the intensive campaigns of arrests in the Palestinian towns. They used repressive tools and policies against the Palestinian prisoners as they intimidate and torture them.

It reported that more than 170 charge sheets were released against the Prisoners. Most importantly, participating in protests against Israel's policies. 

It stated that the occupation forces and the Israeli settlers contributed to intimidating the Palestinians by raiding their homes, destroying their properties, firing guns, and attacking them physically. 

It also said that the intensive campaigns of arrests affected several villages, towns, and camps in the West Bank and that the prisoners' institutes recorded 1100 
case of arrest, including 170 children and 42 women. The highest rates were in Jerusalem, as 677 cases of arrests were recorded. 

The number of administrative detention orders released reached 200; 116 were released for the first time, according to the report. 

The number of minor detainees was 250; 81 of them were from the territories occupied in 1948, while the number of administrative detainees reached 520. 

The report confirmed that those data form a risky indication in comparison with the months that proceeded the confrontation and that the occupation authorities will keep using their policies, violating all restrictions that are internationally imposed on using this kind of detention.

Source : Safa