Lawyer Abu Hussein denies Turkey providing families of Sheikh Jarrah with new papers

The lawyer for the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood families, Hosni Abu Hussein, confirmed that what was published in the local press indicates that the Turkish government recently provided them with documents regarding the ownership of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood lands is untrue.

Abu Hussein said: "The video, which was recently published on social media, is a re-publication of previous information that we had provided to the press."

"The truth is that the Turkish documents that we received more than two years ago indicate that the Jewish settlement companies have nothing to do with the neighborhood's land and they do not have any right to the neighborhood's land," the lawyer added.

He stressed that the documents in the settlers' possession were forged, written to register this land in the name of the "Nahalat Shimon" association in 1972.

He stressed that the ownership of the neighborhood's land belongs to the Hijazi al-Saadi family, a Palestinian family currently residing in Shuafat, based on approved legal arguments, according to Israeli law.

Source : Safa