A petition to appeal administrative decision of prisoner on hunger strike

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Committee on Tuesday submitted a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem to appeal the administrative detention decision issued against the prisoner Salem Zaidat, 40, who has been on an open-ended hunger strike for 16 days, from the town of Bani Naim, Hebron district, in the southern occupied West Bank. 

The commission stated in a statement reached Safa that the prisoner, Zaidat, is currently being held in the cells of the Negev prison.

The prisoner Zaidat was arrested on February 22, 2020, against the background of his entry without a permit to the occupied territories in 1948, and he was sentenced to four months imprisonment and after he had served the period of his sentence, the occupation turned him into administrative detention and issued five orders against him with a duration of between three and four months.

Zaidat, who is married and a father of five children is an ex-prisoner who spent about two years in the occupational prisons. 

The committee stated that the prisoner Zaidat and 14 prisoners are continuing the battle of empty intestines, refusing their administrative detention.

Source : Safa