Do Israeli attacks sway the American popularity in favor of Palestinians?

American support for Israel and its policy of settlement expansion have always been constants that cannot be changed for political decision-makers in Washington. However, events on the ground recorded a popular rejection of this eternal policy in Uncle.

Despite the fact that the Republican and Democratic parties, which struggle every presidential term to wrest the administration of the White House, they stop that conflict and unite when it comes to the blind militarily, financially, and politically support for Israel.

However, the continuation of this situation since the establishment of the Israeli entity 73 years ago, would not have satisfied large sectors of the rejection of the injustice inflicted on the Palestinian people, who bear is the only people in the world under occupation until today.

Since the 4-year term of the former president of the White House, Israel has witnessed unprecedented support from Donald Trump, which included many dreams that former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to achieve over decades for the benefit of his entity.

This included announcing the withdrawal of the two-state solution and sponsoring the settlement process between the Israelis and the Palestinians, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy there, recognizing the legitimacy of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and stopping Washington’s aid to the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA.

But this state of endless support for Israel prompted public opinion in the United States to mobilize the street in support of the Palestinians; especially when the spark of support erupted for what the peoples of the world saw of the occupation expelling Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the subsequent assault on worshipers in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Then the events followed when the resistance intervened in Gaza to stop these attacks, and the subsequent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip caused huge human and material losses over the 11 days of the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip.

The interaction of the American street with the text and video tweets broadcast by social media about the Israeli attacks prompted public opinion in many states to demonstrate anger over what is happening.

Many American newspapers have confirmed that the Palestinian issue has returned to the fore and it is clear that it has not lost its symbolism and centrality.

On the other hand; as expected, the decision-making center in Washington had a different opinion about what is happening in the Palestinian territories, as the US President stressed the right of Israel to defend itself against the Palestinians.

However, Biden's position, would not have satisfied the rest of his party in Congress, as voices from the Democratic Party have emerged calling for a public and explicit condemnation of the Israeli attacks, with the need to impose sanctions on Israel, in line with the public opinion of the angry American street.

In general, what happened in the American popular victory for the Palestinian cause is an emergency shift in favor of the Palestinians in the face of the overwhelming influence of American Jews in controlling the American decision-making circles, which necessitates exploitation by Arab governments and peoples for the benefit of the Palestinian cause.

Source : Safa