Commander of Rafah Battle in Gaza War 2014 reveals details about Hadar Goldin's capture by Hamas

The Israeli commander Ofer Winter who led the -Rafah Battle- in the Gaza War (2014) revealed some details about the kidnap of Hadar Goldin.

The commaner of Givati Brigade announced that "The occupation army carried out an operation resulted in the death of 2 soldiers and the capture of Hadar Goldin in August 2014, during a ceasefire."

Winter said that he refused to carry out the operation during the ceasefire, which the United Nations and the US Minstry of Foreign Affairs John Kerry initiated, as he feared the soldiers to be targeted inside the tunnels of the Palestinian Resistance.

He noted that the commander of the southern area in the Israeli Army Sami Turgeman and the commander of Gaza group did not agree with him, and decided to start the operation during the ceasefire. A a result, two soldiers were killed, and Hadar Goldin was kidnapped.

He noted that his refusal was because that big risk the soldiers will be exposed to during the operation.

The investigations found that the occupation army committed tactical mistakes that resulted in 2 soldiers killed, and one captured.

The family of Hadar Goldin said that the three Israeli commanders came to their house in Jan 2015 to present the results of the investigations and had some arguments.

"Winter said that he struggled to prevent the implementation of the operation at that time so the occupation army does not lose," the family commented

"But unfortunately, that officer forgot that one of his soldiers is still out there while he is doing nothing to return him from Gaza. No one explained to us why they sent the soldiers to Hamas hands," they added.

They wondered who gave his intelligence estimates that the soldiers could enter Gaza during a ceasfire that Hamas did not agree on? 

In August 2014, Hamas announced that it captured Hadar Goldin during a trap for the Givati military unit in the south of Rafar.

, After the capture of Goldin, Rafah witnessed a bloody Israeli massacre as the Israeli army rocked arbitrary houses of civilians, killed about 140 and injured other hundreds.

Source : Safa