Calls to demonstrate against Bennett's visit to US in front of the White House

Activists in solidarity with the Palestinian rights in the United States called on the supporters of the Palestinian cause to demonstrate in Lafayette Square Park, next to the White House, to coincide with the US President Joe Biden's meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Neftali Bennett. 

The demonstration refuses Benet's first visit to Washington and the infinite, unconditional US support to the occupation state.

President Biden is supposed to meet Bennett today morning at 10:00 AM, Washington Time. 

In a statement they issued, the activists and pro-Palestine individuals called on the importance of taking part in the demonstration, to express rejection of the Israeli brutal procedures against the Palestinians.

They also urged Biden to press on the Israeli government to stop violating the Palestinians and their rights, calling to use the hashtags (#UnityIntifafa - #FreePalestine - #SanctionIsraeliNow - #BidenBennettVisit)

While Israel continues to practice ethnic cleansing and violence against the Palestinians, US President Biden invites the new Israeli Prime Minister Neftali Bennett to the White House," the activists said. 

They noted that Biden's administration works on strengthening the Israeli colonial project as it keeps pumps millions of dollars to Israel and provides it with military assistance.

Bennett arrived at Washington Wednesday morning in a visit that might last for a couple of days.

Channel 7 (Israel) reported that Bennett's meeting with Biden and US officials on the Iranian nuclear, and other causes, including the Palestinian one.

Source : Safa