Shadid condemns the arrest of dozens of academics and activists in the West Bank

A leader of the Hamas Movement Abd al-Rahman Shedeed condemned the repression and arrest of more than 20 activists and academics by the security services in Ramallah, during the rally demanding accountability for the killers of political activist Nizar Banat.

Shadid said in a press statement, that revealing the circumstances of killing the political activist Nizar Banat is a collective right of the Palestinian society, and that holding his killers accountable should be a priority for the judicial and executive authority, which pledged to protect the lives and property of citizens.

He called for the release of all prisoners, all of whom are scholars and political activists who have chosen to be a societal vanguard to defend society's rights and preserve its freedom to express its issues.

He stressed that the security mentality in which the Palestinian Authority manages societal files increases the political crisis resulting from the state of exclusivity and the absence of the supervisory authority represented by the Legislative Council.

Shadid stressed that the absence of the people's will must stop, and the voice of reason must listen to the opinions of elites and societal forces.

Source : Safa