Mohammed Shaaban... Palestinian child lost eyes by Israeli occupation airstrike

Mohammed Shaaban, a 7-year-old child from Gaza, sits in his house feeling pain in silence as the doctors lost hope to rescue his eyes, injured by the fragments of an airstrike fired by the Israeli occupation warplanes in the latest aggression on Gaza. 

Mohammed lives in Jabalia in the north of the Gaza Strip. He was injured by an Israeli attack near Jabalia market during the first days of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, while he was shopping for his Eid clothing. 

The doctors failed to restore his sight as a result of Mohammed's direct injury in the eye. This led his family to transfer him to Egypt to receive medicine, yet they returned him to Gaza with close eyes days ago. 

The moment he was injured...

"I was going to the shop to buy my Eid clothing. When I was on my way back home, a rocket fell over the house and I was injured in the eye," Mohammed said to Safa News Agency's correspondent. 

"I hope I can see my mother, father, and siblings. I hope I can see my friends and play with them as before," He expressed his little dreams.

Mohammed's injury affected him and turned his life upside down. Now, he only sees life with one color. Black. 

"What hurts the most is that Mohammed lost sight during the Eid. He is deprived of seeing any beautiful views forever," Mohammed's father said.

He noted that his child is in quite complicated psychological problems and faces a kind of solitary. He seems sometimes very stubborn because he suffers this injury. 

Deprived of learning...

By the beginning of the new school year, Mohammed's 4 brothers went to school, while he stayed among his house's walls.

"This injury deprived my child of his opportunity of going to school, like the rest of the children," the father said.

"He was supposed to be in his 2nd grade, yet he did not go the school because of his loss of sight. The school administration told us that we have to register him in a special school to prepare him to live with his injury," he added.

Mohammed's father called on relevant authorities and the concerned bodies to help Mohammed and to provide him with a good education.

"Enough! Stop draining the Palestinians blood and rights! You have to stop the occupation from committing more crime, and targeting more children and civilians," the father addressed the international community. 

The Israeli occupation launched an aggression on the Gaza Strip on May, 10, where 260 Palestinians were killed, dozens were injured, hundreds of buildings were demolished, and the infrastructure was destroyed

Source : Safa