Israeli occupation threatens father of ex-detainee from Gilboa prison

An Israeli occupation intelligence officer threatened last night the father of the ex-detainee from Gilboa prison, Ayham Kammaji, to kill his son if he was found, warning him to not help his son if he contacted him.

The father of the the ex-detainee, Kammaji, told Safa that he received a summons from the occupation intelligence to come to Salem camp yesterday evening with his son Majd, and the intelligence officer told him that "they will find  his son and will kill him if he does not turn himself in."

He pointed out that "the intelligence officer threatened him and the family if he provided any assistance to his son or communicated between them," making constant threats to the ex-setainee, Ayham.

This coincided with the widespread deployment of the occupation forces on the borders of Jenin governorate, in Marj Ibn Amer, amid clear military tightening.

Source : Safa