Citizens organize solidarity protests with Palestinian detainees in US cities

Different US cities had on Sunday solidarity protests in support of the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli occupation's jails.

In Newyork, there was a protest in rejection of the brutal procedures the Israeli occupation forces practice against the Palestinian detainees. The protestors also called for the immediate release of the hunger-striking, eldery and sick detainees.

In the same context, the supporters of the Palestinian rights organized a protest in front of the occupation's Embassy in Washington.

In Chicago, the citizens also held peaceful protests in support of the Palestinian detainees. 

The Israeli occupaton's prisons' adminstration continues to attack the Palestinian detainees with more procedures of brutality, beating and deprivation after the six detainees had managed to escape for Gilbou prison. 

The occupation forces re-arrested four of the six escapees last night, yet still searching for the other two Munadel Nufay'at and Ayham Kamamji.

Source : Safa