Detainees Committee: Two-thirds of the detainees in Etzion are minors

The Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Committee said that two-thirds of the detainees are currently held in the Etzion Israeli detention center are minor prisoners, as their number reached 24 minors.

It stated in a statement reached Safa on Wednesday that the total number of prisoners inside the prison is 39.

It was added that most of the minor prisoners who were recently arrested and imprisoned in Etzion were subjected to various types of physical and psychological torture during the process of their arrest and also during interrogation in the investigation cellars.

The Committee said that the minors were beaten in brutal ways, thrown to the ground and trampled on their fragile bodies. They were also beaten with rifle butts on various parts of their bodies, insulted with obscene words, and kept for long hours after detention in army camps, tied and without food, before being admitted to prison.

Source : Safa