Hamas: Oslo Accords caused disaster and shame to our cause

On the 28th anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Accords, which falls on Sep 13, the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas said that Oslo Accords caused disaster and shame to the Palestinian cause.

"The Oslo Agreement emerged at the peak of the Palestinian popular uprising (Intifada), to abort the massive national revolution that was on the verge of imposing political realities for the benefit of the Palestinian people," the movement said in a statement.

"The consequences of this ill-fated agreement, based on illusion, have been clear since its signing. The fragile foundations of the signatories have crumbled as the so-called "two-state solution" is no longer spoken by any party of the occupation. At the same time, the colonial settlements have stolen large parts of the West Bank in addition to the continued Judaization of Jerusalem, the increase in the “annexation” projects, and the displacement of the Jerusalemites," it added.

"Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority continues to mortgage the Palestinian reality, future, people and cause to this destructive illusion," it stressed.

In addition, the movement confirmed that the results of Oslo were confined and summed up in one goal "to transform the PA into a security tool that pursues the Palestinian resistance and works sincerely in security coordination".

In light of this anniversary, Hamas affirmed the following:

1) The Palestinian people adhere to the resistance as the only option and way to liberation and Return.

2) The Palestinian resistance has proven that it is the guardian of the land and sanctities when it forced the occupation out of the Gaza Strip, liberated detainees in the prisoners' exchange swap, and defended Jerusalem in the battle of "Sword of Jerusalem".

3) The "Oslo" option, which the PA leadership adheres to has only achieved catastrophes and shame to our Palestinian people and our national cause, where it established for more colonial settlements, Judaization, theft of land, and targeting of Palestinians everywhere.

4) We call on all the Palestinian factions and national components to form a broad national front that ends the "Oslo era", form a national leadership that leads the Palestinian national project, and works on reforming the PLO to return to its true mission of liberating Palestine.

5) We hail all the detainees in the occupation prisons and the heroes of the "Freedom Tunnel Operation". We assure the detainees that our Palestinian people and resistance are supporting their struggle, and our promise to liberate them will be fulfilled soon.

"Greetings to all the Palestinian people everywhere, inside Palestine and in the exile and diaspora. We salute the heroic resistance on the frontiers of the homeland and the vanguards of the project of liberation and return," it concluded.


Source : Safa