Joint Operation Room comments on IOF’s violations across Palestine

The Joint Operation Room for the Palestinian Factions said that it follows up on the developments across Palestine, especially the Israeli occupation’s attempts to impose new realities on the ground by escalating attacks on Palestinians and killing innocent citizens in cold blood.

"We confirm that the Palestinian resistance will not keep silent while the Israeli occupation continues to commit heinous crimes against Palestinians. We warn that such violations will trigger a new escalation, and the Israeli occupation will be entirely held responsible for it," it said in a statement.

"We hail the Palestinian people and freedom fighters in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza who honorably face off the Israeli occupation with all means possible," it added.

"We renew our pledge to the Palestinian people that the resistance will be their protective shield and will not allow the Israeli occupation to target them at its whim and that it will pay the price for its crimes and attacks against our people," it stressed.

Source : Safa