Occupation isolates 14 prisoners under harsh conditions

On Wednesday morning, the Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission reported that the Negev Prison Administration had isolated 14 prisoners in Section 6 under difficult and harsh conditions over a month ago.

A statement SAFA received indicated that the isolated prisoners were Mohamed Jamal Abu Jebel, Omar, Muhammad Alayan, Leith Nahd Hamid Sauman, Mohnad Omar Bani Ghara, Nabil Juma Mughair, Easer Mohammad Al, mahmoud Radwan Draghama, mohamed Nazmo, and mohamed Abo Gharra. 

The prisoners were isolated in section 6, which had been cremated in Negev prison months earlier in response to the attacks against the detainees in various prisons following Operation Freedom Tunnel, in which six prisoners had freed themselves from Gilboa prison. 

It noted that some days they were transferred to outside cells from 6 a.m. to 12 at night as punishment, and prisoners remained handcuffed at all times.

It confirmed that the Department had provided them with no clothes other than what they wore, nor did they take them out to the clinic for medical examinations, and that some of them were suffering from skin diseases, joint aches, back aches and kidney aches.


Source : Safa