Occupation freezes administrative detention against Prisoner Qawasmi

The Israeli Occupation Court issued a decision freezing the administrative detention order for prisoner Miqdad al-Qwasmi, who has been on a hunger striker for 77 days. 

Qawasmi faces a serious health situation at Kaplan Hospital. The attorney Jawad Pauls asserted that the order to "freeze" administrative detention did not mean that it is cancelled. Hence, it means that the administration of the occupation prisons, and its intelligence are not responsible for the fate and life of the Qwasmi. 

In his first video statement, during his parents' visit to the hospital, Qwasmi said that the decision to freeze his detention is worthless, and that he is awaiting for the decision to release him, confirming that he continued to go on hunger strike until he was free and had to refrain from drinking water.

He added that the doctors warned him about the severity of his health situation and the possibility of a setback in 23 hours. However, he insists to continue his open hunger strike until he gains freedom.

Source : Safa