The European Initiative launches an international campaign to support hunger-striking prisoners

The European Initiative to Defend the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners launched an international campaign under the title "Support Their Resilience", to support the hunger-striking prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons, and to demand their release and an end to the policy of administrative detention.

In a press release issued last Tuesday, the European Initiative held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the lives of the prisoners, who are between life and death.

The initiative called on the international human rights organizations to bear their responsibilities and move to end the crimes of the occupation against Palestinian prisoners.

In addition, the initiative confirmed that the campaign aims to take urgent action to put an end to the Israeli practices against prisoners and to end the policy of administrative detention in violation of international laws.

The campaign will be through digital platforms and in different languages, showing the violations of the occupation against the prisoners, communicating with decision-makers in the European continent about the suffering of the prisoners, in addition to mobilizing popular support for the prisoners' cause, and organizing solidarity events in all European countries.

Source : Safa