Al-Hayya: Occupation's attacks will lead the region into a new confrontation

Head of the Arab and Islamic Relations portfolio of Hamas Movement, Khalil al-Hayya, affirmed that the occupation's attacks on Masjid Al-Aqsa, Sheikh Jarrah, and the hunger-striking detainees will lead the region into a new confrontation.

Al-Hayya said in an interview at the "Al-Jazeera Mubasher" channel on Monday evening that his movement welcomes any relationship with any country except the occupation and welcomes all forms of support as long as it is directed for Jerusalem and Palestine, stressing that the Palestinian people and their resistance are determined to defeat the occupation of the Palestinian land.

He confirmed that the Hamas political bureau discussed, during its meeting in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, the issues of the siege, detainees, and Jerusalem, stressing that the movement seeks by all means to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip.

Relationship with Egypt

Al-Hayya affirmed Hamas' keenness on the relationship with Egypt. "The relationship with Egypt is based on brotherhood and neighborliness", said Al-Hayya, indicating that his movement solved some problems with Egypt through direct dialogue such as securing the borders.

Al-Hayya added that the relationship with Egypt has clear positive effects in easing the siege on the Gaza Strip.



Al-Hayya stressed that Hamas does not accept a long ceasefire without a full political agreement that guarantees the Palestinian Rights to Return and establish their state, adding: "We cannot accept a long ceasefire in exchange for opening the crossings and lifting the siege only".

He stressed that Hamas separates the "prisoners exchange file" from the "removing the siege file", and has informed all mediators, including Egypt, that it is impossible to link these two files.

He pointed out that the occupation hampers the prisoners' exchange file and tried to link this file with reconstruction and the lifting of the siege on Gaza, but it failed.

Al-Hayya added: "We do not accept separating Gaza from Jerusalem and the West Bank, and the recent aggression on Gaza broke out for Jerusalem and not for the siege on Gaza".


Exchange deal

Al-Hayya stressed that Hamas is ready to conclude a prisoner exchange deal noting that the occupation is not determined to conclude it.

He added: "We presented a road map to achieve an exchange deal, and we are determined on it. Hamas has proposed a humanitarian initiative to release the sick and the elderly detainees in exchange for information about the captured Israeli occupation soldiers, but the occupation rejected it".

Al-Hayya reiterated Hamas' promise to release Gilboa prison detainees, pointing out that Hamas is seeking to have the leaders Marwan Barghouti and Ahmed Saadat among the names in the exchange deal.

Palestinian National Program

Al-Hayya called for a national political program agreement to confront the Zionist occupation, stressing that the way out of the political impasse would be through restructuring Palestinian institutions through elections.

He pointed out that the Palestinian Authority canceled the elections under the pretext of Jerusalem, but it is afraid of the expected results.

He added that the state of exclusivity and exclusion does not serve anyone while Palestine needs all forces, continuing: "Our Palestinian people at home and abroad need someone to save the national project, and we proposed an initiative for consensus, regardless of the election results".

Al-Hayya stressed that the Palestinian Authority excels most in the security coordination, noting that freedoms are witnessing setbacks by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

Relationship with Syria, Iran, and Qatar

Al-Hayya affirmed that the relationship with Iran is cherished, welcoming all forms of support as long as it turns towards Jerusalem, adding: "Our relationship with Iran is one of support in facing the occupation".

He added that Iran provides Hamas with all forms of political, material, moral and military support that improved the strength and capabilities of resistance in Palestine.

On the relationship with Syria, Al-Hayya said that the return of Hamas to Syria requires favorable conditions for both sides, and if these conditions are available, it will not be impossible.

In the same context, Al-Hayya stressed that Qatar is one of the countries that embrace the Palestinian cause and provides political support in all international forums, praising the Qatari role in Jerusalem and the Gaza reconstruction.


Al-Hayya stressed that normalization with the Zionist occupation constitutes a stab in the back of our Palestinian people.

Source : Safa