Calls for settlers to displace Al-Salayma from their house in Sheikh Jarrah

Settlers filed an appeal for the Israeli occupation’s court to evacuate and displace Al-Salayma family from their house in Sheikh Jarrah, as some settlement associations claim that they own the land. 

Looking into these claims has come after 11 days of the families of Sheikh Jarrah rejecting the compensation suggested by the occupation’s court, which makea the families protected tenants in preparation for seizing the right of dozens of families in this land.

Al-Salayma family called on the citizens and activists to support them to confront the Israeli prcedures, which aim at displacing them from the neighborhood. It said that it is being imposed to an attempt of ethnic cleansing practiced by the Israeli occupation to displace them from their houses. 

The house belong to Hashem Al-Salayma, who is a father to 7 and one of the owners of the resistant houses in Sheikh Jarrah.

Source : Safa