Cabinet ratifies a huge plan to weaponize Israeli army

Israeli Cabinet ratified, on Wednesday, the hugest plan, which includes different kinds of aircraft and defensive weapons, aiming to weaponize the Israeli army at a cost of up to $6 million.

"The deal includes supplying the army with military aircraft, helicopters, and advanced weapons," Walla said to Safa.

It added, "the army had the green light to choose its future heavy transport aircraft and to either choose  Boeing CH-47 Chinook or Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion.

Benny Gantz, Minister of Defense, demanded the Air Force to submit its recommendations regarding this matter, and the possibility of buying V-22.

Air Force will buy, within the framework of the funding plan, a new squadron of F35 aircraft, and advanced rockets and bombs. 

The plan also includes buying F15 and KC-46 aircraft.

Department of the Army was forced in 2014 to take a loan to buy F35 aircraft at the expense of annual military Americal support via an American bank.

Since that, the deal has been facing many issues in funding.

Source : Safa