Minister of Health: Israel commits 89 violations of medical teams during latest aggression on Gaza

Mai al-Kaila, Minister of Health, stated that the violations Israel committed against medical teams, ambulances, hospitals, and clinics reached 89 during the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza. 

She said, in a press release in Ramallah, that the number of martyrs in Gaza and West Bank reached 277, including 70 children and 40 women, and 8500 injured. 

"Two doctors were killed and others were injured," she added. 

She stated that the Israeli occupation targeted dozens of treatment centers; AlShifa hospital, Indonesian hospital, Beit-Hanoun hospital, AlRemal medical center, and Hala AlShawa medical center. It also impeded the work of ambulances and destroyed the only medical center responsible for conducting COVID19 tests. 

"1500 homes were destroyed and 18.000 others are unfit for human inhabitation," al-Kaila said. 

She mentioned the number of homeless people which reached 70.000. 

Regarding Jerusalem, she declared that 400 Palestinian youths were injured, 22 of them are in critical condition and noted that Israel targeted medical centers and ambulance teams. 

"The hospitals in West Bank received hundreds of injured, dozens of them were in critical conditions," she said. 

Al-Kaila considered the Israeli attacks against paramedics in Al-Aqsa mosque and Sheikh jarrah neighborhood to be war crimes and violations of international laws. 

Source : Safa