Matthias apologies and accuses Israeli media of manipulating his interview

Matthias Schmale, manager of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), reiterated his apologies for the statements he gave to Israeli TV as he praised the accurancy of the Israeli air strikes on Gaza, which infuriated the Palestinians and made them call for holding him accountable.

Schmale accused the Israeli media outlets of manipulating his statements and said on Twitter, "This is blatant manipulation of my interview, I did NOT say the IDF operated within the laws of war."

"Killing more than 200 civilians including innocent women and children is NOT acting within laws of war," he added.

"My issue is that the precise strikes of the sophisticated army killed more than 200 civilians including 20 children that went to UNRWA schools. This is unacceptable and cannot be white washed," he said in another tweet.

Schmale confirmed that there must be independent investigation and accountability for those actions.

He complained of being critized and asked to resign for his comments on the precision of Israeli airstrikes in killing and injuring civilians as well as leaving thousands homeless. 

"This is the now the next social media attack. I am considering to leave Twitter," he said. 

The Joint Commission for Refugees organized, on Wednesday, a protest against Matthias Schmale's statements, demanding the departure of him from UNRWA and Palestine.

Dozens participated in the portest held in front of UNRWA's Headquarter in Gaza, raising slogans that demand him to resign. 

Source : Safa