Hamas: Israeli claims about antiquities found near Holy Compound are baseless

The Israeli announcement that archaeologists have found a “section of Jerusalem’s outer city” that is an extension of the so-called ‘Temple Mount’ is a new Israeli false claim aimed at faking the history of the holy city of Jerusalem, said the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas.

Again, added the movement, such fabrications are intended to legitimize Israeli Judaization schemes and alter the City’s Arab Islamic identity.

Planning to change the status quo in the City, the Israeli occupation has additionally opened the American Road in Jerusalem; this move is a clue that the Israeli government goes ahead with settlements plans in occupied Palestinian territories.

While swallowing swaths of Palestinian-owned lands and isolating Palestinian neighborhoods, the American Road connects the Israeli settlements in Jerusalem with other settlements in occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israeli occupation releases such fake claims about antiquities near the Holy Compound coincides with opening the Emirati embassy in Tal Aviv, thus taking advantage of normalization deals that have been covering up Israeli crimes and encouraging the occupation to continue with its brutal violations against Jerusalem and its people.

"We warn against more Israeli sabotage at Al-Aqsa Mosque and further bids to fake history; such attempts are doomed to failure and Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of Palestine and its Arab Islamic identity."

Source : Safa