Hemaya Center for Human Rights urges international community to stop Israeli violations of civilians in Occupied Palestine

Hemaya Center for Human Rights urged the international community to act to stop the Israeli occupation's use of excessive force against the peaceful civilian protesters.

"The Israeli occupation forces stationed behind the separating line in the east of Gaza deliberately fired live bullets and gas canisters towards the civilian protesters in the initiative of the commemoration of the Al-Aqsa Holocaust, which resulted in 41 civilians injured, including 22 children and a journalist," Hemaya Center said.

It confirmed that the forces impeded the access of the ambulance to those injured as three vehicles were directly targeted by gas canisters.

Hemaya emphasized that those actions violate the international laws and the human rights principles, and are considered as war crimes.

It called on the international community to seriously as to stop the aggressive policies the occupation authorities practice against the civilians in Gaza.

It urged the contracting parties to Geneva Conventions to take respnsibility and force the Israeli occupation to respect the laws of the international law and hold it responsible for their crimes against the Palestinians.

It called upon International Criminal Court Prosecutor to add the occupation's attacks against the peaceful civilians to the investigation files.

It also called on the Palestinian Authority to activate the diplomatic relationships, and to work on making the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians an international cause, until it gets the right punishment.

Source : Safa