Prisoner's club organizes stand in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

The Palestinian Prisoner's Club organized today a stand in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strikes, and the pregnant prisoner Anhar Al-Deek, who is supposed to give birth to her new baby in a couple of days inside the Israeli occupation prisons.

The head of the club Abdullah Zghari said that those supporting stands and protests will continue until achieving the demands of the prisoners, espcially those on hunger strike and the pregnant Anhar Al-Deek.

Zghari stated that the prisoners are exposed to a series of day-to-day crimes and violations, noting that the administration of the occupation prisons intensifies its punitive actions against the hunger-striking prisoners.

He confirmed the importance of the release of the Al-Deek, who is supposed to give birth to her new baby in the coming days.

The head of the Detainees and Ex-detainees Affairs Commission in Bethelehem Abu Atwan said that the participants in the stand will head to the International Committee for the Red Crescent in the governate. 

Source : Safa