Hamas: Appointing Bahraini ambassador to the entity is a national sin

Spokesman of Hamas Movement Hazem Qassem said the Bahrain regime appointing its ambassador to the Zionist occupation entity reflects its insistence on the national sin it committed by signing the normalization agreement with the occupation.

"The condemned appointment of the Bahraini ambassador to the Zionist occupation entity represents clear support and full partnership with the occupation in its policy and criminality and serves the Zionist occupation's claims," Qassem added.

"This condemned step comes at the time the occupation continues its aggression against our Palestinian people including siege, colonial settlements, and violation of the holy sanctities," he added.

"We salute the Bahraini people who reject all steps of normalization, and who stand by the Palestinian right."

Moreover, he added that the occupation's normalization with the regimes is just an illusion to consolidate its inevitably short-lived existence.

"Our Palestinian people will continue their struggle until achieving their goals armed with their determination and resistance, and will not forget and will not forgive those who stood by the occupier," Qassem concluded.

Source : Safa