Israeli police detain youth at Al-Aqsa Mosque only for calling God is great

Israeli police on Tuesday detained youth at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem for calling Allah Akbar (God is great) while Jewish fanatics were storming the Mosque, according to witnesses.

They said police detained the youth, who is from a town in the occupied territories in 1948, after he called Allah Akbar and did not do anything else.

The incident occurred as dozens of Jewish fanatics heeded calls by their extremist organizations to descend on Al-Aqsa Mosque today as they mark the Jewish New Year.

Police usually accompany the Jewish fanatics, most of them are ultranationalist settlers, during their provocative tour of the Muslim holy site to make sure their presence and attempts to hold illegal prayers, which will be considered a violation of the decades-old status quo, does not lead to trouble.

Source : Safa