6 prisoners continue their open hunger strike

Six prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons continue their open hunger strike in light of the lack of signs of solutions to the tragedy of administrative detention.
The hunger strikers face difficult health conditions that worsen day after day due to the intransigence and refusal of the occupation authorities to respond to their demand to end their administrative detention.
The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Committee said in a statement received by Safa on Tuesday that the prison administration singles out the striking prisoners amid a series of systematic abusive policies to discourage and pressure them to retreat.
Until this moment, there are no real solutions to the issue of the strike, as the Israeli intelligence service (Shin Bet) offers them long periods of administrative detention, knowing that the prisoners will refuse these periods.
The Prisoners Committee held the occupation fully responsible for the lives of the striking prisoners, calling on all concerned authorities, especially the International Red Cross to take its real and serious role in following up on the strikers and reassuring their families.
International human rights organizations were called for serious intervention to stop the policy of administrative detention.
Source : Safa