Israeli occupation releases Palestinian detainee on condition of deportation and a fine

The Israeli occupation forces on Monday released the Jerusalemite ex-detainee, Medhat Al-Issawi, after his detention for several days, on the condition that he be deported from his place of residence.

Family sources reported that the release decision was conditional on deportation from his home in the town of Al-Isawiya for 25 days, in addition to the payment of a fine of 1,000 shekels.

The occupation court yesterday extended the detention of the Jerusalemite prisoner, Medhat Al-Issawi, until today after he refused the decision to deport him from Jerusalem for a whole month and paid a fine.

Samer al-Issawi's mother said that the occupation court charged her son, Medhat, with being with a group of young men who set off fireworks.

She explained that the occupation authorities demanded that he be deported from Jerusalem for thirty days and the payment of four thousand shekels in cash.

They also demanded that he sponsor himself and two others, each of whom pays ten thousand shekels, which the prisoner Midhat refused to postpone his court session to tomorrow.

The occupation forces re-arrested the ex-prisoner Medhat Al-Issawi on the fifteenth of this month after storming and searching his house in Al-Issawiya.

The occupation authorities had issued a decision last July to prevent the ex-prisoner, Medhat al-Issawi, from entering the West Bank for 6 months.

Al-Issawi’s latest arrest came only two months after his release on the condition that he be removed from his home in Al-Isawiya for 3 days and a distance of no less than 100 meters.

Source : Safa