Opening Israeli embassy in Manama is a national crime against Arab and Muslim interests, says Hamas

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas said that the Bahraini regime receiving the Israeli occupation foreign minister to inaugurate a new Israeli embassy in the capital, Manama, is a national crime against Arab and Muslim interests and an extension of the sin of signing normalization deals.

"The inauguration of the Israeli embassy in Manama coincides with a crime committed by the Israeli occupation army by executing a Palestinian woman at a gate of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem," said Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem.

"This move encourages the Israeli occupation to continue perpetrating crimes against the Palestinian people and all the Muslim holy sites," Qasem added.

"We call on the free peoples of the Arab and Muslim world to raise their voices against normalization, which only serves the Israeli occupation's interests and its settler-colonial narrative," he stressed.

Source : Safa