Israeli occupation continues to isolate the Palestinian detainees in difficult circumstances

The Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Committee said on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation prisons administration continues to isolate the two prisoners, Zaid Basisi and Anas Jardat, in the cells of the “Jalama” prison for more than a month in very tragic living and arrest conditions.

The Committee stated in a statement that reached Safa that the occupation authorities are holding each prisoner in a very narrow and filthy cell filled with insects, and lacks the minimum necessities of human life, and only accommodates a bed, and there is a bathroom inside.

The two detainees were completely isolated from the outside world and without electrical devices, in addition to the poor quality and quantity of the meals provided to them.

The prison administration allows them to go out individually to the corridor between the rooms for only an hour, claiming that it is the hour of the break, and deprives them of getting enough clothes.

The administration of the occupation prisons transferred the two prisoners, Sisi and Jaradat, from the Raymond prison to isolation of Al-Jalameh on September 6, as a punishment for them and as part of the arbitrary measures and retaliatory campaign carried out by the occupation prisons administration against a number of prisoners in various detention centers, after the 6 prisoners managed to take away their right to freedom vthrough a tunnel dug under Gilboa Prison.

The Committee confirmed that it is in the process of submitting a petition to the occupation court to end the isolation of the two prisoners, Sisi and Jaradat, and return them to the general sections of the prisons.

Both prisoners were thrown into the cells without justification, and their detention conditions inside the isolation are very harsh, in which they lack the most basic of their human rights.

The prisoner Jaradat from the town of Al-Saila Al-Harithiya, Jenin district, has been detained since 2003 and has been sentenced to life imprisonment and 35 years. The prisoner Sisi from the town of Ramin, Tulkarm district, has been detained since 2001 and has been sentenced to life imprisonment and 55 years. Both of whom are leaders of the prisoners of the Islamic Jihad movement inside prisons.

Source : Safa