Malaysian Women Support Their Palestinian Counterparts with Empowerment Projects

For the first time, businesswoman Sabrina supports the Palestinian women through a joint agreement between Cinta Gaza Malaysia and MAMASAB Foundation to fund several projects of the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Gaza to empower them.


The Ministry of Women's Affairs and Cinta Gaza Malaysia, the representative of MAMASAB Foundation, signed a memorandum of understanding of $200,000. They are distributed to 5 projects: the loan fund project, the Palestinian national center for women's studies and research, the documentation of the Palestinian women's achievements, the leadership of women, and the Malaysian-Palestinian cultural exchange.


Sabrina, the owner of MAMASAB Bakeries Group, provides her funds for the Ministry of Women's Affairs as a message of support to her counterparts, the Palestinian ones, as she believes in the importance of women's social role and their abilities to make achievements.


The MOU was signed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gaza by Amira Haroun; the Deputy of the Ministry of Women's Affairs, Muhammad Nadir Al-Nuri Kamaruzaman; the CEO of Cinta Gaza Malaysia, and Mahmoud Al-Madhoun; the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Haroun welcomed Sabrina's support and expressed her appreciation for her position that is compatible with Malaysia, which has been supporting the Palestinian people to restore their rights from the Israeli occupation.


On the other side, Kamaruzaman confirmed the importance of Sabrina's support, as it is the first of its kind to support the Palestinian women through microenterprises. He also added that women will remain the ones that grow the future generations, which will liberate Palestine soon. Thus, all relevant bodies must support the Palestinian women.


Also, the Director-General of the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciated Cinta Gaza Malaysia's quick response to the Ministry's call. He also confirmed the continuity of the Ministry's efforts to secure the sufficient funds needed for all development projects in Gaza.

Source : Safa