Hamas condemns Israeli war minister’s visit to Morocco

Hamas official Ismail Radwan has condemned Israeli war minister Benny Gantz’s visit to Morocco, calling on the Moroccan people to express their rejection of it.

Radwan hailed the Moroccan people and political parties for expressing their visit's rejection, emphasizing that Gantz must be held accountable at the international criminal court for committing crimes against humanity.

The Hamas official urged all Arab countries to halt normalization with the Israeli occupation, noting that normalizing ties with the occupation are a stab in the back of the Palestinian people that encourages it to go ahead with crimes and violations against Palestinians.

“Normalisation will not legitimize the Israeli occupation, and it will remain the sole enemy for our Ummah,” the Hamas official added.

Radwan emphasized that normalization will not fail to whitewash facts about the Palestinian cause, as Jerusalem will remain the central issue for the Ummah and the free people of the world.

Source : Safa