Occupation bulldozers demolish facilities of building materials company in Anata

Israeli occupation bulldozers on Monday demolished the facilities of building materials company in the industrial zone of the town of Anata, northeast of occupied Jerusalem.

The owner of the company, Ali Musa Ziyad, told Safa that he was surprised by the occupation forces besieging the company and starting to demolish its facilities, including a barracks, a room and a store, which were built in 2018.

He explained that the demolition took place without warning, knowing that there is a case still being discussed in the Israeli courts, and that he was able to prepare a structural map of the area and hand it over to the civil administration of the occupation according to its request.

He pointed out that the occupation forces did not allow him to take out the contents of the room and the storehouse, including equipment and building materials, as it has an area of ​​about 70 square meters, and it has been built of cement since 2018.

The occupation mechanisms demolished a brigade of building materials with an area of ​​one dunam, and a fence around the land, indicating that the loss due to the demolition amounted to about 600,000 shekels.

Source : Safa