Israeli occupation authorities issue 850 decisions of administrative detentions so far in 2021

The specialist of the detainees' affairs Abdel Naser Ferwaneh stated that the Israeli occupation authorities issued 850 decisions of administrative detention since the beginning of 2021.

"Administrative detention has become a main part of a constant Israeli policy of dealing with the Palestinians, as well as a way to justify the detention of activists and a means of collective punishment. Hence, this constitutes a crime, according the international law," Ferwaneh said.

He called to intensify efforts to stop this crime, and end the policy of administrative detention.

The Israeli occupation authorities overused the policy of administrative detention, particularly in May, and continued to release new decisions of administrative detention against new detainees and renew other decisions against other detainees.

Most of the administrative detainees were ex-prisoners who spent years in the occupation prisons; many of them spent a total of 15 years in the Israeli prisons.

The occupation authorities and the prisons' administration claimed that the administrative detainees have classified files that cannot be disclosed. So, the detainees how many years he is sentenced to not do they know the crime they are accused with.

Source : Safa