Prisoner's Club holds occupation responsible for any harm that might endanger Gilbou's escapees' lives

The Palestinian Prisoner's Club held the Israeli occupation authorities responsible for any retaliatory measures to be practiced against the four prisoners who were re-arrested.

Qaddoura Fares, chief of the club, stated in a press release that there are deep concerns about the destiny of the prisoners: Zakaria Zubeidi, Mahmoud Al-Arda, Mohammed Al-Arda and Yacoubi Qadri, as they were re-arrested and beaten. 

He noted that the occupation's media sources reported news that the prisoners Al-Zubeidi was transfered into hospital as a result of the brutal beating he was exposed to by the occupation forces. 

He also noted that the occupation authorities do not accerlate the transfer of prisoners into the civil hospital unless their health situation is in a serious risk. 

He mentioned that the fact the he was exposed to severe beating is evident through the pictures published by the occupation, and that their clothes undoubtly hide other scars. 

He also confirmed that the news that are only published by the occupation's media sources indicate they a lot to hide from the public opinion. 

The Palestinian Prisoner's Club renewed its call on the International Committee for the Red Crescent to check up on their healt situation. 

Source : Safa