Occupation Threatens to Confiscate Lands in Deir Al-Sunna in Jabal Al-Mukaber

The Israeli occupation forces threatened the families of the Deir Al-Sunna neighborhood in Jabal Al-Mukaber in occupied Al-Quds to confiscate all lands whose owners do not deliver the ownership papers.

The Palestinian Nayef Al-Qunbor said that they are very concerned about the fate of their houses, lands, and shops, noting that he and his family are suffering from the occupation which tries to displace them from their houses and confiscate their ancestral lands. 

He also added that the Israeli occupation is negotiating with the families of the neighborhood to sell their houses and lands, but they surely refused. 

The occupation forces have started series of brutal measures against the citizens; they evacuate 12 acres of their lands and destruct buildings inside the threatened lands.

Source : Safa